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Thursday, May 13, 2021   /   by Blair Galan

Happy May, North Texas!

May is National Barbecue Month!

It seems like there’s an oddly specific “national holiday” every day of the week — including National Barbecue Day on July 4. But the mouthwatering, messy, tangy delicacy that is barbecue also gets an entire month of celebration in May, which just so happens to coincide with Memorial Day. That’s right — May is National Barbecue Month!
Kick off the season of barbecuing and all things outdoor dining by celebrating this oh-so important holiday. There are several ways to observe National Barbecue Month all month long. 
How to Celebrate National Barbecue Month: 
Clean Off Your Grill. Before you get it all fired up, make sure your grill is clean and ready for a summer of action. Check out these tips for properly cleaning your BBQ grill.
Spruce Up Your Outdoor Dining Area. Power wash your outdoor furniture and patio or deck, and wash or wipe down any outdoor pillows or accessories. Then sp ...

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